"kit's dungeon venture" thumbnail ._

maybe you should give it a try why not?

nom nom nom nom nom nom

I hath found ur treat jar >:3 I am planning a heist as of right now
dem fox treats will be moine [does an evil laugh >:D]

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I gotta get used to drawing gims them lol


IMPOSSIBLE?! I hid it in the most secure place known to fox kind! (I put it in my living room)

Is this even about a thumbnail anymore :skull:

as a fellow axolotl I prefer worms



I’m on your roof now [5 second time skip] I’m in your walls wait how did I get here?? [10 second time skip] HAHA I found the fox treats this is bravo going in for the grab >:3

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I steal @Blackfox45666 treat he/she stole heha mine now nom nom nom yum HEHEHEHHEHE

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@leo_flowers I have no clue anymore

he's in the walls!


NUUUU anyways erm thumbnail stuff b4 this gets flagged it was fun lol

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kk got u LOL

Why does your axolotl pfp actually look cute :heart_eyes:
look into its eyes
Screenshot 2024-04-26 2.33.04 PM

because axolotls are built BTW they my fav animal

I will find u and your snack pantry

Now that I look at it… its creepy

HEHEHAHA and the d3ath stare of cuteness >:)

    > : ) GOOD HEHEHAHA [spoiler][/spoiler]

BTW u matter I read ur bio I care so u mater have a nice day from AXOLOTL :slight_smile:

who? who’s bio…?

yours @leo_flowers u matter don’t feel bad I think your cool :slight_smile:

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Thank you :face_holding_back_tears:
Screenshot 2024-04-26 2.43.41 PM
U earned a fish

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and you… earned a axolotl

your new pet :slight_smile: mmmmm fish good thanks :slight_smile:

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