Keep losing connection when in GKC

Whenever I start my game, I ALWAYS lose connection. I’m kind of mad and sad, but is there any way to fix it?

Not really, like most bugs, all we can do is advise you to shut down your device and restart it.

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i think thats cus of inactivity
you need to switch through all your tabs constantly
or one will get kicked and go back to the enter nickname screen

use Ctrl + TAB to switch through them

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What if I have only one tab open?

Then you contact Gimkit.

probably what GimSolver said then
restart your computer or router

yeah you can get the solution @GimSolver
(When he comes back)

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Ok I’ll be right back

How is that the solution?
I said that first!

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Ok um it didnt work

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Might as well contact gimkit

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This happens to everyone, just wait a few hours


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