Just random quesiotn

is this even possible to make it so when player ends end zone it has battle music but not for the rest of the map also inapropiate something on somethng gimkit warning someone keeps putting cuss words and threats in their gimkit maps and on the gimkit wiki fandom page the map is gone

Please ignore the inappropriate map and refrain from playing it. The developers will address the issue in due probably. Hopefully, they will take appropriate action. And for the music, I’ll check hold on…

No, you can’t change music with zones.

I don’t think it’s possible to make it so if you enter a certain zone music changes that would be nice also hahahaha karma for them I just emailed them and they said we’ve taken it down and terminated all of their gimkit accounts fnadom accounts discord account what i mean is gimkit account is gone discrod and fnadom he’s banned from feedback page don’t know

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Maybe soon to be updates will have it.

Yeah, but not right now.

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