Just need powerup/ability ideas


  1. Teleport
  2. Damage Boost for certain amount of time
  3. Gain OP Weapon for certain amount of time
  4. Regeneration
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An AOE (Area Of Effect) attack/buff?

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I would say an AOE ability that knocks out everyone in the range, including you.

Like a bomb? :thinking: interesting

No idea how i could code that tho

How about a ability that sends you back to base to regear and heal?

OP Name linked system - Name-linked System (difficulty 2/10)


Basically, if someone enters with your name, they get a speed boost for 20 seconds, using a timer.

maybe no cooldown or double damage

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you can do the dashing ability with a speed modifier
oh sorry you said you’ve already done that
my bad

Rage - increase speed and damage for a short time and after the rage is over make you slower and weaker for a couple of seconds for balancing

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my idea would be to somehow spawn a zone under the person that knocks out anyone in the zone area. idk how you would do that, but it would be cool.

Good idea i will add that

Make a tag zone and set it to team 2. Use a team switcher to activate the bomb and have the tag zone be an area of like 50 tiles.

For this idea, what I would do is use a coordinate system (The Tamian Coordinate System | Difficulty: 🟨 (Version 2.0)) and track all the players with Player Scope set to Player.
When the bomb button is pressed, it checks every player’s coordinates to see if they are say, 1 spot on the grid away (or 3 tiles), and if they are, than they instantly die, or take a massive amount of damage, as does the one who causes the explosion.

You could use my guide to make a dashing ability:

Good thing i said i already added one in the tiltle

How would this teleport work and how could i make it

sentry allies probably


Good idea i will add that ^