Just light issues now

Yea just find @awesomeT43 and ask for some help. Your game may as well be as good as fixed.


So is the problem solved, can these be resolved?

Oh and in reply to one of the earlier posts from you:
Yes, the game is almost done. I just need to make the nights, finish the animatronics, and fix the problems currently happening, plus all the bugs that may pop up in testing.

not solved yet.

Well @ me if you need ideas I guess, nothing much else I can do.

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Can u two take my poll here?

I already did.

Thanks. Can u think of any OGs other than me still active? I want to reach out to them for help.

I think maybe Haiasi is an OG? I don’t really know.

Yeah, @Haiasi’s an OG - and an expert on Gimkit Creative.

Anyone from the first week of the forum (such as myself) is a founding OG, anyone from the first month of the forum is an OG OG, and anyone from the first month or two is considered an OG.

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oh I have a joke. Jeffo is an OG too.
Its a joke thats not really a joke.

Hey, i know Haiasi is on the wix alot though

side message for Gimkit101–CHECK THE BLOG!

hey could you help me with this code?
Screenshot 2024-02-09 10.04.34 AM
It broadcasts to my left side barriers, but It doesn’t work correctly.
@awesomeT43, could you help me fix this? Or @MOON.
Oh, yeah. It’ll disable the barrier but it’ll also disable the game overlays.

Please, I need help. :frowning:

Okay - I’m here ! - explain what I missed @Shadow.exe
Yeah I don’t really understand just explain what you’re trying to do.

Good luck! I hope someone can help you fix your problem soon.

I’m now going to be working on the largest GKC project ever.

sorry about my late response, I need help with my code because it’ll broadcast to my overlays on the left and my door, to shut them off, but he continues to shut off the barrier even when it’s active.

Sorry I didn’t see this until now, the only way that would happen is if the barriers and overlayes both deactivate on OpenDoor. If they do it should just be as simple as changing the channel fro the overlays.

No, the overlays are supposed to disappear, but bonnie will continue to deactivate the barrier (the door) , and now I’ve also broken it, because now bonnie doesn’t do anything :sob:

What is the code in?