Just a bug-and a weird one

For some reason, like 50 blastball(ball)s popped up on my layers screen

and no, i did not add them
like lets say i go to the corner of my world where there is not devices,

still there
probs just have to reload, but i just wanted to point/ask how or why this is happening

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Probably stress on gimkit. High load or something like that.

@SOME_RANDOM_PERSON, It’s just a bug, I had one item, maybe a blastball, multiply by like 50x in the layer tab, but I only had one in them map

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I reloaded and it was fine.

this happended to me aswell with blastballs, reloading fixes the problem as @Splitzy said.

Yeah when I had a blastball, and it was off the screen it still showed on layers.

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