Jumpscares? Maybe?

As y’all (might) know, my new game, The Veil, is a horror-ish map. And I wanted to start making some jumpscares.

I already know about some other guides on this,
Closet Jumpscare by @InfiScript
Hallway jumpscare by @GraphPaper

But I wanted y’all to give me some ideas for jumpscares I can use for the game, and I might even make a guide for them with the ideas y’all give me.

Could you give us some more info about the game?


could be helpful for traps. There also might be some jumpscares in there.

Have a trap in the dark, and add a scary twist to it.

ok, idk how to make it scary, but here’s some ideas:

The room suddenly turns dark for no reason
A ton of lasers are activated and get closer to the player
security camera jumpscare?
A notification that says “you are going to d!e in 10 seconds” and you suddenly get damaged to half


You could try making a jumpscare where the player falls through the floor of the hallway they are passing through and they end up in a dark area.


It’s about an alternate version of the player’s town with these weird creatures and stuff. A bit like the Upside-Down from Stranger Things.

when this game is out will you tell me raycat2011? it sounds amazing


Some time in the early parts of the school year.

ok thank you

Maybe when you’re walking through a kitchen or something, someone asks if you want food, and if you say yes, the camera cuts to some spooky dialogue followed by a jumpscare out of a large piece of food like cake or something like that.

Or maybe have a trash can jumpscare if you investigate one.

Or maybe a pool one where you’re swimming through a pool, or sewers or something and something pulls you under.

Wait, tell me all about the veil.


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It’s about an alternate version of the player’s town.

It’s like the Upside-DOwn from Stranger Things

Then LORE? Jumpscares still exist in alternate dimentions! :wink:

Maybe a pop-up on a computer? Cutscene about Christina? Something creepy in the bathroom of the restaurant?

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Are they animatronic jump scares or monster jump scares?

How about barriers that activate for a second and then get deactivated through triggers?

i have a fun idea

i can compress it to be smaller but I think this is the best it can get



No. Just no. Do you know how much freaking NextBots scare me?

I played one game with a NextBot in it and that scarred me. Just… just no. Please don’t let anyone see this, this might be too much (especially for younger kids!)

Edit: Yes, the second one is supposed to be ‘scarred’.

i just searched up “roblox scary face”

omg I love nextbots what are you talking about

also I can change the image

While NextBots are good for jumpscares, my concern is that it’s going to scar kids who are younger. There are some relatively low-level NextBots out there, like Sanic, which are ok (I guess) for jumpscares, but stuff like Obunga and others can get downright scary. I know because I’ve been on the Nico’s NextBots Fandom and OMG THAT WAS SCARY AS HECK. That one that you put in (I don’t remember the name) is one of those that I consider scary. As such, if there are going to be jumpscares, I personally would refrain from using NextBot images for them.

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