Job Simulator [Caternaught's edition]

no pictures are showing up im that image.

Your Post got buried (I have no idea why I did it actually)

why do they have it so that you can still see a deleted post?image Clearly if the author deleted they didnt want anyone to see it…

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Yeah, I know, that’s why I put it there because that was @Claire_B 's post, so she could fix it. That wasn’t mine.

oh i didn’t know, my bad.

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your sister (i’m not saying her name) has probably been nonstop hugging everyone

If you could do like fire burning in the backround that would be tight.


Omg lol
she tripped over me in the dark :confused:
like at 9 pm :skull:

Oh yikes
ok we really should get back on topic.


Caternaught when he gets back: gasp, WHAT DID THEY DO TO MY TOPIC?!


no, I really love when this happens :slight_smile:

@here IM BAAAAAAAAAAACK! i missed ya gois


might do it if i’m bored

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YAY, Caternaught’s back

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