Jail for players

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Welcome to the forum @TiaBen!


@WhoAmI I tried that and it isn’t working.

Did you do this?

EDIT: I just realized the first gim was caught on camera blinking lol

That means you did it wrong, It should be a K.O. manager and have it linked to a team, when players on that team are knocked out they will spawn at a different spawn that being the jail cell.

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@WhoAmI Yes, that’s what I did.

Then it should work…can you post the code on the wixsite so I can take a look at it?

@WolfTechnology Pictures?

Codes are not allowed here on the forums. Can you delete it and post it on the wixsite or something like that instead?

@WhoAmI What is the wixsite?

@WhoAmI Okay, it’s posted.

Can you edit the code out?

I guess you could but on my end it is flagged so idk if you can edit that.

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The jail is in the upper right corner

@WhoAmI https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing/group/code-sharing/discussion/e9b0fa22-8b10-4201-9f56-88211829e98e is the link to the post

Give me some time to make it.

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You have edit access now.

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