I've run into a problem

So for the digging mechanic I’m trying to make, everything works except for the last popup. This is what I got

This is the blockcode for the last popup. I’ve been looking at guides on fishing and the problem is that the popup doesn’t show text when the player is done digging.

This is what it shows when the player has dug up something. The popup has ceased to exist.

can i see your wiring? also you’re lucky because i literally can’t get my fishing system to work at all (same format)

To which device?

the first popup to the second one

nah, maybe like all of them and explain what you’re doing

@vqnillaxx you changed the header but never opened the popup

(i literally cannot bring myself to explain)

OH i see the problem now. in the last image, you only ran the wire pulse block and never opened the popup in the first place (aka potato1’s quote)

uhh thats what I said

that’s why i quoted you

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in the last image you never opened it you just changed the header

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