IT'S POSSIBLE! The Chunkian Health Tracker [2/10 or 🟩]

So here is my idea: repeatedly damage a player by 1 and count every damage done, then when the player is knocked out stop damaging and respawn the player with the same health as before! Would this work?
Let’s dive in to the guide!
Grab a 2 triggers. In one of them input this:

Then in the other input this:

Then wire the first to the second:

Then grab a property (using property instead of counter because it’s more useful)
Input these:

In the blocks of the second trigger:

In the blocks of the first trigger:

Now grab a damager device:

And finally, a lifecycle:

Wire it to the second trigger:

Wire a duplicate of the first trigger to the second:

and you’re done! Just need to create a sentry area and something to start it.

It works!


Note: you can round a player's health in return for faster results! Change the damage amount to 20, for example, and change the property adding thing to 20. If you want to round down, just subtract 20 after the player is knocked out. Now: we can do the reverse! When the player respawns, damage the player by the total health they're supposed to start at minus the health tracked! Wondering how to track the health on an overlay? Grab an overlay device and:

on receiving on a channel every second!

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I feel so revolutionary rn
YES: This is not fully developed yet and not perfect. You need to die every time you want to track health. HOWEVER, I do not have time rn to find a better method.


This can only be used in a few scenarios…


Nice guide, @chunky!

so is this used to track the players health? I’m confused what this is for

Yeah but I just wanted to post the first-ever way of tracking health, plus it could be used for a score system after levels or something

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yes, it’s for tracking health

This has been thought of before but nice anyway!

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It has? I searched for 20 minutes XD
I guess I’ll have to change the title and stuff

Wait what did pi say the raw didn’t work

he said the name chunkian fits you and continues to call you f4t

Bruh ‘chunky’ was a random name generator joke


This is smart thinking, but it is not ideal, considering the player must respawn… which sends them back to the base or spawn pad every time.