It's (off topic) I don't know why but people in the messaging say it's off topic so I flagged myself(

I have a question do you think Gimkit will ever make a 3D map because they made two 2D Maps

I’m pretty sure no because 3D will take too many computing resources, and look at how laggy don’t look down, a 2D mode, is.


too me it not that laggy but maybe I did not see it

Yeah… It was really laggy when it first came out. But it seems very unlikely to me.

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ok but it would be cool if they had one gimkit could be very popular

Maybe… It’s not so simple. Schools could view gimkit as not very educational by moving into 3D, as the gameplay becomes more interesting and there’s less education. This opens up the possibility of schools blocking gimkit. But that’s just a theory.


Facts bro! Why is that so true?!

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off topic, but that would be cool

Not sure, but this is off topic mark a solution.

wait how is the off topic

I mean, people are already using both Gimkit modes for non-educational reasons, so if Gimkit made a 3rd mode (3D) it would open the chance of that, just like Blooket if you know what that is.
Also Great theory!

The rules says this. “asking when new features will be available, product suggestions, or sharing links to your maps or live games. Topics and posts that aren’t about building with Gimkit Creative will be removed.” Soooo yeah

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it’s not asking for help about making a map or thumbnail it’s not gonna help make a map or anything so it’s off topic

but I am talking about gimkit creative

yeah that’s what i’m saying bacically

A GAME THEORY :video_game::video_game::video_game:

yes you’re talking about what could happen. the forums is not for chatting about what can be added to the game

o ok i will flag myself

no just- you’ll get yourself in trobule just change the title to (deleted post (don’t reply) so you don’t get the mods attention

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