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I mean not really. Dragons are technically lizards, so they would be reptiles, not birds.

I tried to make a non-elite ‘Unfeatured Helpers’ community, but that went south.
Yes, dragons are avian creatures.

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A bunch of those “elite” clubs have been disbanded. Now I suggest getting back on-topic.

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It’s ok I don’t mind. It is bumping, anyways.

hey @JoeTheChicken you forgot to add the weapons.

[:clipboard:Weapons] Gimkit Image Copy-Paste bruh I already made a different page for that


oh my bad @JoeTheChicken

It’s not really an elite club.

All you need is a bird pfp.


so helpful thanks a lot it helped me so much

Did you have to label the images as well?

BUMP IDK if it’s been 5 days, the last reply says Dec '23, not a date.

Water counts as food? Didn’t know that.


You can hover the “Dec’ 23” thing with your mouse. It’s been a lot of days, so it considers as a bump.

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One question, can everyone do bumps just by replying? I know this is off-topic, but I was just wondering.

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Yes, you can. As long as the topic is 5 days or older, you can.

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I think it might also be considered with editing as well

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Bro you don’t eat water?

I mean, i drink food

You eat water, it’s called ice.
You drink food, from a blender.
Now back on-topic

this is littreally very off topic and very wrong how do you eat water and drink food? it actually the other way around.