Items from Dig It Up that might be added

wait… then what is devices for im confused I thought it was for talking about the devices???

guys, please don’t abbreviate dig it up…

(if you don’t know why this matters, look up diu)

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oh sorry lol

right now pretty much the wasteland of off-topic stuff

it’s fine :slight_smile:

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when ever i see the orehound i think of thor… does anyone else see the resemblence


should I just close/delete this?

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this could be Hephaestus!

which one should i get

  • Fancy guy
  • Thor
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too bad imma get thor

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what kind of a person R U?

Guys ima close this it’s getting off topic

:/… umm… bored, and that could be mean to some people

no, no no, I want to know what you enjoy doing, or what gims you like, so I can vote on a gim.
Edit: oh, see you’ve chosen. lol.

i like riff and thor/ orehound. but my fav is libre

Then, yeah, Thor.

Is the Gamemode out yet? (I live under a rock)

heck yeaaaaaa boi its out been out for a while

Nope, oh i just refreshed, sorry

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