Items be raining

I was playing a platformer map when my inventory was full, the items that were supposed to be in my inventory are just falling.
I can’t send a full video or gif, try it out for yourself after you die on the platformer map.

Platforming in creative is still beta, so it’s probably just a glitch. But you should let the mods know!

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nope it’s not this was intended and was added in the new update item and sentries can fall now

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looks fun!
(I know its a bug, but you can say “its raining gunsss”)

This actually isn’t a bug. :nerd_face: :point_up: Like Foxy said, the new update made it so items( and sentries) will fall. If you want to see all the changes and bug fixes for it check here:

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Idea! (Uses taco skin and trail) it’s raining tacos, from out of the sky!


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