Item space barrier for capture the flag custom game

Hi people, I have a problem.
I am making a custom capture the flag game, and had the idea to make a barrier for an item zone.
The idea is that if a player gets more than 2 captures, then the area opens. Only for that one player though.
Can anyone help with this? Mention me if you need more details.
This problem has been solved. Please don’t reply!

You could have it so that whenever a player scores it increases a property for that player, then have a checker check to see how many captures that player has each time they score. Finally if the checker sees that the player has 2 or more points then it deactivates a barrier or something. (could also just use block code instead of a checker, checker devices can sometimes be broken)

Hope this helps!


Checkers are fixed now:


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You can have it so that when someone captures the flag, it gives them an item. Then use either a checker or blocks to open the barrier. The barrier’s scope must be set to “player” for this to work.

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