Item shenanigans

How do you place down items like in One Way Out with the Purple Keycards, where it’s on the ground instead of in a item spawner/granter?

Thanks! - BJC95

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You mean when an enemy is knocked out, or on the ground from the start?

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Ground from the start. like the purple keycards in One Way Out. ([Wiki page])

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One and a half months Bump.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to do that yet. You could make an item spawner be blocked by a barrier after someone picks it up.

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One workaround could be to have a sentry drop a purple card, spawn it in on start or whatever event you want, activate a laser to kill it, and then deactivate the laser to spawn a purple keycard on the ground.


Or spawn in two sentries, one with near immortality and an op weapon, the other one has 1 health, then do on sentry 1’s knockout (the one with literally no health) deactivate sentry 2. Make sure sentry 1 drops the keycard as well.


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Found a way to do this!, so use the new item image device, then a button, and an item granter! (i did not know how to place item images)

glad to see you found a solution 9 MONTHS later lol

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