Item ideas for DLD map (SCI-FI)

I think the quantum portal would be to clunky for the game and would deal to much damage. :pensive:

This sounds like it’d be really cool! I’d love to make some sort of thumbnail art for this : D

also, just a head’s up: it’s spelt “metroid” : )


Where did I miss spell it? (Metriod isn’t a word so my computer will always to the squiggly lines.

It’s spelled incorrectly any time it appears

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you can also buff other things to make it better.

yes, thats Correct @cheesebox.

Oh thanks my bad, I fixed it.

all good : )

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So is the thumbnail an actual offer or…

Totally! i’d draw that for ya if need be : D

I forgot where the actual post is, lol, but maybe for the breaking you could have a zone that sets you damage boost really low, so only quantum portal or evil eye could break it without spending too much time.

Yeah but the quantum portal is to clunky to be enjoyable has a secondary weapon. And legendary evil eye would do to much base damage compared to your zapper.

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Sorry for the bad picture, drawing, highlighting, and label quality. I had to do all of this in 5 minutes with my junky school computer because I had my sport, But here is a very rough draft of the thumbnail. The picture takes place in an underground forest if you weren’t aware. so you don’t have to make the plants green.

Good luck

@Rusty So you can have a zone near those breakable obstacles that grants you a evil Eye of any rarity (I would recommend blue, purple, or gold). And when you leave that zone it grants you -1 of that same item that is the same rarity so that it goes away. And you repeat that for all obstacles.

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Maybe… that might work.

But wont that take a lot of memory for an already massive game im going to make. I mean just look at all the ideas i have just for the items.

You could also give the obstacles high health so that the zapper would take too long to break the obstacles but since the evil Eye does a lot of damage it will encourage the player to use the evil Eye.

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But it is still possible for the zapper to destroy it. I might use it as a last resort.

Well then you could make the zapper a common and the evil Eye a legendary and give the barrier like 650 health so that it will take an absurd amount of time to break. Wait I came up with a better idea when you enter the zone it grants you the evil Eye and removes the zapper and when you leave the zone it gives you the zapper back and removes the evil Eye.