Item Granter not working properly: Item not showing up in inventory, plus some other stuff

Basically what’s been happening is that I have a button that’s wired to the granter, and when I click it, the notification pops up as normal, telling me that I’ve gotten “Research (2)” (which is also a problem, as I’ve set it to only grant you one and yet it keeps telling me that I’m getting two). However, the research doesn’t pop up in my inventory, despite the notification telling me it is.
I’m also unable to click the button again if I’ve already clicked it, for some reason. Which I’m fine with, as I plan on the player only being able to obtain the research once, but I don’t know if that’s something I did or if it’s some kind of bug making it that way. Somewhat helpful image showing this below:

(I had more images detailing stuff, but I’m a new enough user that I have a one-image limit. So I’ll just post them as needed instead)

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I think that this is a bug, not meant for the help tag.

Since you are new, don’t forget to read the new-user-must-read.

Hmm, now that I think about it, it does sound kind of like a bug. I’ll go ahead and tag it as a bug, thank you!

Check if your Item Granter is set right. If so, reload the page and try again.

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Set right? Like Button Pressed >Grant Item? If so, I’ve already been struggling with this for a couple days, so I’m not sure reloading is going to help much, but I’ll try it again. I’ve also checked to make sure the channels are right, and I’m PRETTY sure they are, but not totally.

Nope, reloading didn’t work. It’s still the same thing with the notification but nothing showing up.

Okay, explain what settings you put in the item granter (since you have a pic limit) and we can try to help. Remember No codes are allowed.


never hurts to double-check
or triple-check
or quadruple-check
…or dodeca-check (yes, i actually did this for my checker farming system) your item granters

also, for the “not showing up in inventory” part, did you check the backpack button? it should be there because the slots at the bottom of the screen is for stuff like weapons or combat items


Have you tried restarting/shutting down your computer?

Oh! It’s showing up as a resource. I didn’t know that was a thing? I can grant it as an item so idk why that is

Yes, the items listed in the squares are your gadgets/consumables, they show up in your hotbar.


ohhhhhh. That makes sense. Thanks for the help, everyone!


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