Item granter not working help

the counter does increment but the item granter doesn’t give me anything so idk why it doesn’t give cash

do you have a target set for the counter?

@ryan can you take a screenshot of your counter settings pls

yes the repeater is supposed to make the counter increment by 1 and give me one cash. the counter increments but the item granter doesn’t work

When I tried to make it take money, it didn’t work either.

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Why can’t you just directly make the repeater give cash

Are there any blocks in the item granter? And can you show all the settings in the item granter? And is there an inventory item manager that sets a limit on the amount of cash?

i don’t have any blocks or inventory item manager. settings is default. the item is cash and i chose 1 item given

because i need the counter to track when the repeater stops

yes i have a target set to 100

you want the repeater to stop after 100 times?
if so go to the bottom of the repeater’s settings and see where is says stop after amount of time or stop after receiving change it to stop after repeating (100) in your case

you need an item granter

i have an item granter

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sorry i responded to the wrong post

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Oh, you don’t need a counter, first connect a lifecycle with the event of game start to a repeater with the interval of 1, and then connect the repeater to the Item Granter and the repeater will grant 1 cash every second

The counter was probably to see if the channel was firing.

It should probably look like this

And just so yk for the Time tor run if you want 100 seconds, change it to 100