Item Granter not granting what it's suppose to be

When i set up the item granter to -3000 Energy, it does -6000 energy. Here’s the setup for item granter:
My current energy:
how many it wasted:

Anyone know how to fix this?

edit: the setup i made

(oh yea, this one might be a sneak peek on my game)

Oof those wires

What are the settings of the wires that are connected to the item granter?

When the vending machine is purchased, it grants the item

Btw I recommend you go to the settings and turn on grid snap so those tables are aligned and look nicer.

What’s the other wire connected to the button and the item granter?

Buttons are only connected to the vending machine - the vending machine attempts to purchase the item granter. If it fails, then a popup would show. If the item’s purchased, it’ll grant the item.

Ohhhh it was overlapping the button my bad

Is the item granter connected to channels?

Double check the vending machine’s settings.

Does this issue happen with both vending machines?

Btw I have to sleep now (I’m in a different time zone for the next two weeks) so I won’t be able to respond. Have a nice day :smile:

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Item granter isn’t connected to channels (i barely use it)

@LxmasHaxTakis Try deleting the item granter, replacing it, and rewiring it.

It’s difficult to see where exactly the problem might be… if you can’t figure it out, though, you could always try taking advantage of that problem and setting the value to -1500 instead.


It could have something to do that there are two vending machines… connected to the same item granter.

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That’s an idea… something is sending the same message twice, but it’s hard to tell what exactly it is because of all the wires ( '._.)
It’d be best for them to find what’s causing the issue first, but having the two devices set to grant half of their usual amount could solve the problem if both devices still need to exist. That could cause yet more problems, though, so it isn’t a great solution overall… hm.