It has to be possible - Melee Weapons

Should this be in Devices now? It seems a lot like a melee brainstorm.

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Yeah but then how would the players know if someone is fighting them? It would be kinda unfair to just die without notificing someone is attacking you. And since it’s not really health, (psuedo-health) you won’t see the decrease in health.

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It doesn’t really matter…


Add in a slight delay with a notification so the other player can use the block button.

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Actually yeah, you’re right. Forget what I just said!

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It would be cool if you could link the timing on them though.

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You can display the amount of Pseudo health the player has. But being able to play an attack animation is obviously the most ideal.


Oh yeah, from an overlay with a tracked item
And you might be able to incorporate lifesteal in that aswell.

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This could work… but it’s not the smoothest experience. Another thing we need to think about is how best to make a click detector. Clicking buttons is convenient but clicking anywhere on the screen is even more convenient.

so I had an idea, if there is a way to hook a health granter to a counter and property then we might be able to basically make it so that the counter decreases when someone gets tagged and the property would go negative (if thats possible) then it would mirror that to the health granter.

I don’t get what you’re saying.

Also, health granters can’t go negative.

Use a health granter like you would use a counter or an IIM with a property?

oh oh awwwwwwww man.
basically theres a tag zone and when player tagged it decrements the counter which is hooked up to the property then it would do the same with the health granter to make it work but i guess thats not possible.

If only there was a smoother way to use psuedo health.

If it comes to it, you can always use an overlay displaying how much pseudo health you have

Welcome @cr1sis!

kinda restating what everyone said, but just to sum it up:
this is absolutely possible in a couple ways.

  1. Use on/off tag zones with a game overlay button.
  2. Use zones and lasers to damage based on a coordinate system with a game overlay.
  3. Hopefully with a damage modifier when it gets added.

also sorry for necroposting but bump ig

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yeah. negative health granters is all the gimkit world needs.

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