Issues with Respawn Tagging System

Hello, I’m making an Among Us Map, I’ve run into a Issue However,
The Kill System Work’s by Tagging Other Players.
Instead Of Having them go To Spectator, There’s an area they can play a minigame, instead of watching others Play the main game. Notherless, I cannot find ANY, way that the Game can Respawn the Players at a different Location.
and yes I’ve Tried The Lifecycle-Knocked out->Teleporter, For Some Reason the Lifecycle doesn’t pick up the Tag Death System, Any Ideas?

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Welcome to the forums @Breadandcheese ! Tagging players is different from knocking them out. Therefore the lifecycle doesn’t detect it. You might be able to use the options in the tag device for “when player tagged” or “when tagged by player” to do what you need.

Tag Device May work I’ll try in a little bit and see if it works, If Not I’ll reply later, Thank you for the idea!

How Do I access Tag Device? I’m new to using GC, So It may be a learning Curve for me.
PS: ( I used The Ultimate Among us Guide for Killing so I may have used the Tagging Device at some point.)

The Tag device is basically how you tag players. If you don’t have a tag device being used then you can’t tag people. The actual name of the device is called a “Tag Zone.” When you click on the Tag Zone device, you can change all the tagging settings and there are options where you can make something happen when a player is tagged. :nerd_face: i’m confusingg

Ooooh! I just reread your question for help and it is very simple!! (I think…) Here is what I think you should do:
Tag Device-When player tagged → Team Switcher- Switch to Team x (x= whatever team you choose) → Spawn Pad- Only Team x can spawn here.
Basically, when someone is tagged they get switched to a specific team you choose. When a player is switched to a different team, they automatically respawn. By adding the spawn pad so only that team can spawn there means that when they automatically respawn they get teleported to that spawnpoint. :nerd_face: :point_up:

Welcome to the forums @Breadandcheese

so basically what maxmlmm14 said:
have the player respawn at another place,
but you should make sure there isn’t a spawn pad for all players if using this method
or else the player might spawn there when tagged…
what you want is for a player to get tagged and then go to a minigame
I would suggest using a death message (popup or notification telling the player he died) then teleporting the player to a minigame

Welcome to the forums, @Breadandcheese! There is a respawn device to make them respawn and a team switcher so you can specify which spawn pad they respawn at.
so you switch their team with the team switcher:
and make it so they spawn on a spawn pad in a different location:

Sadly Team Switcher Makes The Player Die, Making them Respawn back instead in the Main spawn area, which is Not what we need,

But when Would I set the Popup To Start on? Since When a Player is Knocked Out, Tag doesn’t Verify Knocked out.

Do you want a popup to popup when someone is kicked out or at the start of game? I might be confused.

I think I tried This already, I forgot to mention,
Team Switcher Kills you for some reason.
And Spawn pad will teleport you at start of game to this area, Instead of there being two,
If I’m explaining this wrong can you please include Images?

I would like a Popup when someone is tagged “Or killed” Informing the Player they died, then Teleport them to the Area where The Minigame would be. “oops I responded to my own self lol” This was reserved to @Princess2216.

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Okay, so you will make a relay to the popup which is wired to the tag zone or the killing zone, and then make the relay to everyone so the entire players in the game can tell that someone is killed. Then, you can make the player teleport to the mini game, but this seems to be the trouble you’re having, give me a minute to try to solve this one. (I also have to change my bio, one second.)

Alright, If Able & Possible when Can you Explain This Method? With Images Preferably?

Of course, take me a little bit time. They respawn you to the beginning of the game, right?

The First Spawn Point, To Clarify.
If we cannot solve this however I could put to spectator who died.
But this is option is extremely Frowned upon.
Also I do Understand that these things take time so take all the time you need, I got time to wait.

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Yes, I am kind of busy, but I will try to get something ready.

I think maybe put checkpoints, but I am still not so sure.

What I was trying to say is that you want the player to respawn when their team is switched so they spawn at the spawn pad for that team.