Issues with device-editing ui

The device edting ui has had better days


I never seen this before. Maybe it’s just your wi-fi or device.

uh what happened lol


No, it is a UI coding error it didn’t retrieve all the code. Refresh or close

Oh! I didn’t read the title.

Reloaded, same results

aren’t you on mobile?

yes I am

Didn’t Gimkit say that GKC mobile doesn’t work as well as computers?

then not on mobile? wait, isn’t the ipad all you have?

They mean that you can’t like, copy devices and stuff. Not a bug like this

its a javascript bug. every browser interprets javascript a little differently. This is why my website doesn’t work on every browser. mobile browsers are just far to limited to run gimkit

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oh, alright.

But this bug has never appeared for me before


cello, i can help you build it if you want

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ok, that sounds fine, let me turn perms on

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If you want, I’m also willing to help with a game, @Cellofive. :smile_cat:

maybe its new code. javascript and css all works differently. gimkit being a web game must be interpreted differently. maybe they added code that has a dependency that your phone doesn’t fit.
try running my website ( on a phone. it wont work. it isnt to meant to ru nthere

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bruh I’m on mobile and I’ve never dealt with this, every bug I found had a workaround.

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Most likely just corrupted cache. I’ve had all sorts of bugs in the editor because of it. To delete any cache, go to your browser settings and you can find it somewhere. If you’re using google, it will be one of the options that appear when clicking the three dots on the top right (clear browsing data).

Example of what has happened to me before (partly visible in the bottom left)

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