Is this Thumbnail good pls give advice

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What do you need help with?
If you dont need help please mark a solution and close the post.
Thumbnails are (technically) off topic so this will get flagged.

Also I see your newish. Welcome to the forums!


i need help with the format

should it be on the ground or stay like this

It looks pretty good. Better than most thumbnails I see lol.
I think you should keep it if you like it.

Edit: Thanks for marking a solution.
(Now we pray this doesnt get bumped)


I can make one tomorrow so you can compare, if you would like.

ok would appreciate that

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You should unmark the solution so that I can reply tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Here’s my other art from the past:

done, i look forward to it!

just a tip for the future, anything thumbnail related is technically not allowed, so please do this on other websites (like padlets or the wix). Thanks!

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Love it! Too bad this is considered off topic now.

(I’d suggest marking a solution to close this topic)

I’m running for Gimkit Fanartist in the Gimkit Awards, so if you could nominate me, that would be amazing. I’m not forcing you to, just asking for your consideration : )


Recently the forums have been trying to get rid of the clutter caused by thumbnail requests. @BananaBunny’s Padlet has been dry, so I’ve created my own
here’s the link:
I suggest you make all requests from now on from the padlet.