Is this possible? or no?

Can i make it to where if a player walks in front of a sentry, the sentry switches to their skin?

I dont think so because the sentries have limited skins

correct me if im wrong tho

They cannot switch their skin.

But you could just deactivate the old sentry and replace it with the new one with the skin.


@LEPRECON2024 yes it is possible if the player is wearing one of the skins that they added in the new update as a look for a sentry

yes, but

is the only way to have that work, and you would need a zone and you can’t tell if the player is wearing that skin.

You would need to have two different sentry one regular and one the skin your player is wearing you get a life cycle make sure it is looking for the game start and wire it to the sentry saying when event occurs deactivie sentry and then wire the zone to the og sentry saying deactiviate when player enters zone and wire the zone to the players skin sentry saying activate when player enters zone.

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