Is this off topic? (it is about gkc though)

I would like to know how to get people to play your gimkit creative game bc I put in a lot of hard work on my game and I have only got 13 plays. Please don’t flag me for this, I will take this post down if it is a problem. Also, I’m not trying to advertise, but is my thumbnail for my game good? :question:

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Yes that is basically advertising
And yes it is good
The off-topic tag is not an excuse to post off topic and the art tag is reserved for guides.

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sorry. i will take of the art tag

I already did.

I would edit out the part that says the name of the map

ok then. I will. thanks fo telling me

Don’t put the off topic tag back on

ok 2024-02-13T05:00:00Z

So two things

One you gotta have a attractive/good looking Logo
(One website you can use is canva it helps lots)

two you gotta make your game high quality
but im assuming you already got this part covered

Hope it helps


thanks. I did make the logo in canva actually!

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Nice! Also one more thing Make your description sound fun and make it seem like your advertising your game but in the description list off interesting facts How to play the game and yeah (i wanna ramble on but i feel like that would take out the fun of making the game lol)

thank you for the advice. signing off now.