Is this new? Or is this something that, well, no clue

Ok, so I just went into the help section, so I clicked on help. But instead of bringing me there, it opened a new tab there. Is this new? I never have had this done to me.

No, it’s probably just something you did. I don’t get this issue. Try it again.

Huh, just went away with. Guess it was a but of some sort.

You marked your own solution?

Yeah, cuz I wanted this to close, but I didn’t know how else to do it. So I marked by post the solution. Hey, at least I don’t try to be sneaky with it like @kyro did.

Kyro did what?

Kyro posted a question with his alt then answered it with his main. He marked it as a solution from his alt, and people knew it was his alt. Now let’s not get off-topic.

Oh okay. Thanks!

BTW, at first my computer didn’t know you said the last half of what you said, so I did everything before I saw that.

it wasnt sneaky because it said my name

Oh. well, it doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t have done it. You just clogged up the forum with something that you knew.

not really, it was literally 1 post but ok

Every post counts.

not when you actually have to put in effort to find it

without searching

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