Is this allowed?

I’m making a stock market system on my new map, but in terms of service, it says no gambling is allowed. I’m wondering if a stock market system counts as gambling. What do you guys think?

If you make the stock market predictable yes
example if you show news that a stock will go up, and it goes up in the game, its good

But if it’s like erratic and randomized, like will it go up, will it go down, you don’t know, that’s technically gambling.

As long as the players can’t interact with it maybe it’d be fine. Like it automatically changes on it’s own based on random integers.

i think that it would not count as gambling.

Currently, it uses randomly generated stuff, and there’s a chance it drops down to 0, and never goes back up. So I’d assume it is gambling?

The players can buy the stock for cash, but it doesn’t affect the price. It only randomly changes every minute.

that’s gambling then

if it’s luck based then that’s technically gambling

What would be a method I could use to make it not gambling? It took me a lot of work, so I need methods. Maybe it could have a normal price and go up/down depending on what players do with it?

I would just like to remind you that gimkit classic uses a stock market model to determine how much money you’ve made/loss

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How so? The method I’m currently using is that there is a base price, but it changes every minute. You can purchase or sell however many stocks you have, granting/costing you the current price shown. Is that the model normal gimkit uses?

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