Is this able to make in GKC

im making a big house and there is a blastball field but i only want the commentary when people are there

there is not commentary, sadly

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im sorry i had too
also that sentence is grammatically incorrect :nerd_face::point_up:


So is your sentence.

How are you making commentary?
If you’re using notifications, I could show you how.


Dude… think why is this in the help section…because it is asking how to make commentary he dosent already have it made -_-

you know how in blastball there is some that’s the commentary guy i only want the commentary on the blastball field that’s it

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i know how to make it but i only want it in that area

Quote the incorrect words so they can fix them you too @some_kid

I don’t think they added that yet if you SEEN DIG you would need notfifications when clicked on a button or character unless you looking for it to go at the beginning. do ask @some_kid here he best with them according to him

For that you use a combination of relays zones properties and counters some would be player acoped i think gimme a sec to get off the bus and i’ll build a quick version of it

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this is off-topic just stop talking about it i need help
not trying to be rude

i have to leave for school ill check later

So you want it to activate when you are in the field? then either make a zone in the field that activates the commentary or if you’re teleporting then make it activate when the players teleport there.

He wants it so that only the players in the zone get notifications

you didn’t have to quote all of my words just the first sentence. because the second one wasn’t.

then make a zone area and then wires with notfifcations. if they have that

I think so

Have something in a trigger that triggers on when you want the commentary to go (broadcast on channel blocks) like:

If Property = true
Then Broadcast on channel sendNotif

That property becomes true when the player enters zone and is false when they leave it.

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isn’t there another way then using coding? if that was coding if not then pretend this post never existed

just wondering because I know coding can be hard sometimes.

Counter and property maybe a checker