Is this a wip sentry? (code is inactive, don’t flag)

Screenshot 2024-03-22 8.05.42 AM
it was just in my game when I spawned in. is it like a wip sentry?

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Wow thats not supposed to be there. Interesting!

Are you just posting a code because:
1: You’re hiding names
2: You could have just taken a picture of the stuff without the code

To prove you’re not:
1: Click on the sentry to show it’s name
2: Show us ingame footage of the sentry shooting

Well the player with the yellow Gim skin on is hiding their name behind the anvil…

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someone get in the game and check becuz I’m new and I don’t know how gimkit works

You can’t post codes here.

oh… I did not know that

I just hopped into the game while it was still active and it appeared to be a sentry, I couldn’t check settings but it had player collision so…

I went into one of my worlds, put a sentry, and I couldn’t find it, so I think it’s fake.

then what is it? idk what it is

Can you ss its settings? Or is it only in play mode

no, I left the game to make the code inactive. I will check if its still there

and it only showed up in play mode

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is not there anymore

I think it was a glitch or a player that joined me after seeing me screen


How does the sentry have the skin that josh didn’t put on sentry skins?

idk thats why I posted

When i quickly joined (as a) it had collision but I couldn’t open its settings

does it mean that its a player?