Is this a ok idea that i could invest time into

So im making a canva with a LOT of gimkit images and i wanted to ask 3 things

  1. am i allowed to put the link in a guide for people to check out (in future)
  2. am i allowed to use images from peoples guides (as long as i credit them)
  3. if i am allowed to post it should i let people comment/give feedback or just have it as viewer

before you say (we already have guides whats the point) since these guides are gonna:
A: at some point hit the max editing
B: possibly go outdated
i was thinking a good goal here would be to make this update till i’m out of high school
and make a so called “central hub” of all the gimkit stats i’m talking about zapper stats + images + the ammo + how it would preform in close combat fights plus much more and also make it so 20 billion guides could be on one simple canva
(maybe not that but u get the idea)

please tell me before i spend to much time on this

and bare in mind i will credit people

hmm. I can’t really help with that, but your idea is allowed in gimkit.

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its fine i just wanted to verify if people like you and gimkit are ok with it

Yeah, im sure that gimkit doesn’t mind. You got the go-ahead for me.

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Send a message to jeffo so you can be sure they are fine with it.

i cant school email + my other emails are VERY cluttered 1k emails last i checked

You don’t have to do an email you can just send it on the gimkit forums.

wdym how would i do that?

Click more on the top left side of the screen then groups then click moderators then message.

I am fine with that.

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No you can do it on padlet or wix

Yes you are, but double check and get permission from them

alr is canva ok? im trying to make it a presentation/help place and then final question and ill mark solution am i allowed to post the link as a guide with the intention that its not advertising or anything its just a huge guide in a link

Its ok if the moderators are ok with it.


because idk where else to contact you without being off topic on other guides may i use all these guides to make a huge canva as long as i credit you
sorry if you didnt want to be @ i just didnt know how to contact you without being off topic


woah that looks amazing!

thank you! im working hard on it

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sure idc lol

alr 1 down thanks for permission

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simple for the fact that i need to ask the 3 ima leave this open then mark solution tmr unless they all reply before i go to bed