Is this a good thumbnail for a horror type gamemode?

This gamemode is inspired by doors (on Roblox.) I was just wondering if it gave off that same vibe. is it good enough?

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Yeah it looks good except maybe add a Gim to it?

Okay, I will add a gim.

I like it! but you could add some little things like blurred out cobwebs, spiders, maybe even some glowy eyes

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Add a gim that is kinda seek looking, kind of like Seek or Rush ya’know?

Oh okay, I have some custom monsters ready.

Here is a Gim I made once you can use it if you want:

For the Thumbnail i meant.

This is awesome as long as you change the v1.0.0 etc. every time you update.

Also it would be cool if you would put like updates and info below the version number