Is there some way to take things out of people's inventory?

I’m working on a map where you need to take things out of people’s inventory, not like using the vending machines like when a player presses a button an item dissaperes from his/her inventory for no reason

Item Granter but the amount given is negative.

Yeah item granter like @th3_ca1tsune said

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I mean, your gonna need a systeme where it checks to see if is has a item (lets say a fish)

it will check to see if you have a fish, if it passes it will grant you -99999999 (the reason there’s a - because it will take out the fish item)

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Basically what i said but fleshed out. Mark the above as solution.

Its actually easier to use an IIM. It has a clear item from inventory when receiving on option. This means you don’t have to track it at all.

isn’t there a item inventory manager

Thats an IIM (it’s an abbreviation)

@Smeagol , Use an item granter, and put the item u want to remove, and then under the amount to grant, put it on a negative number, like if I wanted to remove one bait, then put in bait and put a -1. Then have this item granted connected to some type of device in the way u want the item removal to be triggered.

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