Is there anyway to force two people to be in the same team?

They respawn when you change their team so…

oh, wait I have an idea, I could just make everyone respawn so they won’t really notice?


Yes, I think the colors for respawning and team switching are the same.
You could also disable the leaderboard.


wait so is there no way to make it so if someone has a specific name, they are on a specific team?

This guide?

Oh you use blocks to check if you’re that player and then if you are, then you send on a channel.

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Oh that might work, I just need someone to test it with

Use the triggering player’s name block, yeah.

so basically this?
and then I set up a team switcher to this?

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Wait it doesn’t work, I changed the “NAME HERE” to my gimkit name and started a game, and when I checked leaderboard, it says I am in Team 1

Oh yeah you need something to trigger it lol.

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counter and when counter reaches like 10 or something, then it gets triggered?

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You trigger it with a relay to all players whenever you want.

Wait could you explain the whole thing because I am really confused

You can do it whenever you want. Whenever you need. And by “it”, I mean trigger the trigger with the blocks.

The counter would check all player’s name if it is the one you put in the blocks and switch that player to a team.

Yes I made it work!!! i just placed lifecycle to when game starts transmit a channel and when relay receives that channel, it broadcasts another channel with triggers the trigger which does the team switch thing