Is there anyway to decrease the range someone can see?

I know the camera view can limit it so you can’t see past a certain point but I need my players to have a limited view. The camera view doesn’t meet my needs.

coordinate systems with barriers is the only way very memory consuming though

can you elaborate further? if i get what you mean now, you can use smaller camera views within a big camera view

For example, there is a map that’s 15 blocks long and 9 blocks wide, I need to make their view limited so they can’t see other players as easily but in this map the players would be moving around a lot.

so like a circle around them that they can see in like among us? might not be possible, but as foxy said, you could try to use a coordinate system but that’ll be super hard and take up lots of memory

I think you mean time consuming because it can be

I’ll just stick with what I have. Have a nice day! ^^

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you can use zones and barriers that reappear and disappear as you step into the zone. it wouldnt follow you around exactly but it would give off a similar effect

no memory you need lots of zones

But would that stop others from hitting that player with one of the guns?

You can place a lot of camera views at lowest size possible. It kind of works.

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Thanks for the suggestion

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