Is there anyway I can make a map so I can earn XP with out playing someone else?

Can anyone help me create a map so I can earn XP on my own?

If you need help making a map I can help you :slight_smile:

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Well you can make a question thing but make sure you can’t spam questions like have 1 right and 3 wrong and add that to a map and that will get you xp

There is a feature called single player mode in most official gimkit maps. If for some reason it isn’t there, just j0in from a different tab. In the future, could you only post Gimkit Creative questions on this forum?

exactly what I was gonna say :slight_smile:

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Hey does anyone wanna play a gimkit???

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If you want to post a gimkit code pls but that on wix. This forum is only for Gimkit Creative questions. Thank you.

As posting codes here could retaliate in perma-bans I’m pretty sure.

what is wix??? last question :slight_smile:

Yes it can give you a ban

Wix Post codes here:

Place down a questioner with at least one correct answer. Spam kits will not give you any xp. Hope this helps!

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Okay thank you P.s 5 days ago I started playing Gimkit so I’m new

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Ok, sorry @getrithekd mb

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Remember to mark a soultion to prevent off topic and clutter!

also welcome, @H3ll0K1tti !

Welcome to the forum, @H3ll0K1tti!

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