Is there Any Way to put a item spawner's thing in the bottom hidden, but the item spawner's item appear?

This is needed so i can put an item in a prop, or, metal shelf.

I’m not sure if you actually can do that, try searching through the settings a little bit.

You can’t as of now. Try covering it with a prop.

I searched through settings, nothing.
I looked at layers, tested all of them, somehow didn’t work.

I mean’t like this
(someone did it, not me)

If you make the seed’s layer at the lowest layer then figet around with the position of it, you should be able to make the spawner disappear. The table has a weird layer grid. If the seed doesn’t have layers, make the table the highest layer.

It didn’t work, until i found out the seed was in the highest layer and the table was low.

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Yeah. I did this for my game.

For a farming game, you could cover it with dirt


(The aesthetic possibilities running through my head)

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