Is There Any Way To Make An Item Image Flipped?

So I Was Trying To Make A Cool Area With Weapons (Not Sentries) But There Is No Flipped or Facing Other Direction Option . So If I’m Just Not Seeing Things and There Is An Option Just Tell Me.

Please Help.

Oh And Don’t Just Rotate It Upside-Down.

well, i’m pretty sure you can click the item image, click the “change size” button in the bottom left and there should be a green dot for you to rotate it

But That Would Make It Upside Down.

I’m pretty sure you can also rotate it to the sides and other angles, I tried it once.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to flip the direction of an item image. Sorry, but if you want, you can make a suggestion to Gimkit. And, sorry I don’t have a link.

If any of these were helpful, mark a solution @ToastyMarshmellow .

Here, I’ve got a link

But currently there is no way to flip it, sorry.


Okay I Put It On Nolt

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