Is there any way to deal a specific amount of damage to a player without weapons?

I’m trying to create somewhat of a punching feature in my Hunger Games mode

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You can not do that in GKC right now unfourtunately but maybe that will come soon!

you can suggest that type of stuff in

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you can use a laser, tag system, or kill button.

yes but they want a punch system, that will cost like 1000000 memory to make tons of lasers everywhere, I guess you could kinda make it but that would cost all the memory taken up in the game

you could make a tag system though

Try, but it is possible, and one thing i have leared is to give people what they want, even if it may be weird.

i was trying to use a tag system, but i wanted it to just deal damage, not completely kill them

how big is your map?

relatively large. I would take about 30 seconds to walk across it

You can’t do that, its only kill, lasers candeal small damage but take up memory, so its a one or other, that or a suggestion to the nolt.

okay so lasers might be defiently to much memory space

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that’s ok. I’ll just kill the player with the tag system. Thanks for the help!

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No problem, let me know if you have any more questions!

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