Is there any device that interacts with a sentry?

So I just saw @Wumpus 's guide (Patched) Mini Guide - How to remove sentry gadgets and I thought it was cool but now it’s patched is there still a device that can interact with a sentry or a way???

No there is no device that interacts with sentries. I mean tho wires do interact with them but only to be wired to another device.

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hmm maybe I can still take the weapon away
or can you not

No you can’t. Josh patched it.

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dang it I’m making a samurai and there is just this zapper and it looks so weird

Maybe try to cover it with a prop.

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but the zapper follows you

True I guess.

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well I could cover all the areas the zapper could go but that would then look kinda weird

You know there is a way to make the sentry not shoot you… right?

He’s (correct me if I got your gender wrong) talking about the looks.

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just place a prop above him with collision then just hide the weapon with some improvision

placing a prop above him will deactivate him shooting due to his code
How to: Turn Sentry into Gim | Difficulty 0/10 this is an example because I turned off collision so they could shoot

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