Is there an easier way to accomplish this?

Other than using zones and respawns or lasers, I was wondering if there were other ways to make a player respawn when the hit the ground (like in dld). Are there any other ways to go about doing this?

There are certain parts of the floor that can respawn a player, maybe do that?

wdym by “certain parts”? do you mean parts of the terrain?

No, probably at the very edges of the map.

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yes with the new coordinate device, you can either do this with checkers or block code

Now in block code, use the coordinate device and do this:
Screen Shot 2024-05-21 at 11.41.46 AM

but if you want this to be more memory efficient: you can use:
lifecycle (game start)
relay (all players)
checker x1
wire repeater
respawn device:

now in the coordinate device, you can connect a player’s X axis and Y axes to a property:

now we make a property:
name: Y axis (honestly doesn’t matter)
type: number
default value: 0
scope: player

now in the coordinate device select yes on connecting the axes to properties

then in the why axes put in the name of your property (Y axis)

now we get a checker:
type: value of property
property: Y axis
inequality: =
value: 0

now we connect our lifecycle, relay, wire repeater, checker, and respawn device:
lifecycle, relay: event occurs —> trigger relay
relay, wire repeater: relay triggered → send wire pulse
wire repeater, relay: received wire pulse —> trigger relay
wire repeater, checker: received wire pulse —> run check
checker, respawn: check passed —> respawn player

note: make sure the wire repeater has a 0.1-second delay
note(again): for this system, your beginning platform has to be a little taller than rock bottom


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