Is there a way to prevent a sentry from taking damage for a period of time without resetting it's health?

So I’ve been working on a sentry bossfight mode, and I want the main sentry that the players need to attack to become invulnerable for a period of time. I’ve tried using barriers to block shots, but they are currently glitched, making them block shots even when they are deactivated. I also tried temporarily deactivating the sentry, but that resets its large amount of health. Anyone know any ways that I can make it not take damage fora short time?

Oops, that guide is for players I think, use blitzy’s method

Mine also doesn’t work

Sadly, barriers don’t work as they are glitched

What do you mean?

Barriers that are deactivated will still block projectiles

Put 4 barriers around it, like a box, not just one.

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Teleport the sentry somewhere else @Gaming

Deactivated barriers still block stuff

Is there a way to move a sentry without deactivating it?

You can also use a zone that doesn’t allow gadget fire.

Teleport it

Put the sentry in a zone. Make it so that every few seconds the sentry in the zone teleports
The timer will activate the zone, making the sentry teleport

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Activate lasers around it? The damage should be 0.

That won’t work. We want to block all projectiles

@Gaming Mark a solution if you have an answer

What about a prop?

That would work but it wouldn’t look as good

Maybe put its alpha as 0?

Then place multiple in a square, make them black, and use the power of lore for it to make sense in-game.