Is there a way to not have one of your kits for creative maps

my teacher wants to play my map and she just has eighth grade kits I don’t know what to do??? please help
out of my limit for replays can do it will tommorow
I tried doing that and it still wont let her idk what to do

just don’t add a questioner or any way to use a kit

you have to use a questioner but where you put a link for a kit, leave it blank

anyone going to say smth about the wiki tag?

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Removed the wiki tag @Godoffire1132
You don’t really need to use the optional tags like wiki

Also, if your map has a questioner, don’t mess with the kit link settings.

You can reply to me by editing this wiki. Click on the pencil and box in the top right corner of this reply to edit it.

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You study alot :person_shrugging:

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Lol thanks. I’ve been around the forums for quite a bit so I know my stuff.


Use a showcase link, and make the kits that you want to have the teacher’s kit on have the link to that kit, and use the normal kits that you want for everything else.