Is there a way to make the game end when only one team is left?

I’m trying to make an infection gamemode where once every member of a team



I don’t know exactly since I never used this type of thing before, but I think this is it.

Always use the search bar!

Here’s the picture:


The trigger all the way on the left should be triggered whenever you want to start keeping track if all teams have been knocked out. That trigger needs to be triggered by something of global scope, like an all player relay. The delay on it is 1 second. That trigger should broadcast on “Check Game End”.

Make the counter on that trigger’s right increase on “Check Game End”. This counter team scoped. Make that counter’s target be 1 and broadcast on “teamAlive”.

The next counter should increase on “teamAlive” and is global scope. The target should be 2 and it should broadcast on “noGameEnd” when the target is reached.

Trigger 2 should receive on “Check Game End” and have a delay of .5 seconds. Trigger 2 needs to trigger Trigger 3. Trigger 3 should deactivate on “noGameEnd” and broadcast to the end game device.

Trigger 4 should receive on “Check Game End” and have a delay of .7 seconds and broadcast on “resetLogicEnd”. Make both counters reset on “resetLogicEnd”. Make Trigger 3 activate on “resetLogicEnd”.

Hope this works for you!


That’s more helpful then mine. Nice teaching moment.

thank you!!!

for some reason even though I copied what you typed it doesn’t seem to work. Do you have any possible solutions?