Is there a way to make spider-man 2 in gimkit?

I was thinking if you could make spider-man 2 in gimkit

Possibly, but it could take a long time.

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yea, but like it would need a lot of mechanics, possibly ask someone on the wix (no this is not an ad)

No, because you would need the swinging mechanics, and you can’t make game with height, so no until 2D maps get added to GKC

depends on what you add or want to be in it…

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I mean, layering terrain, would make it look kind of like height

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Look i just teleport them

not to be nosy or anything but WHY DO YOU WANT TO MAKE SPIDER-MAN

I like spider-man, plus i played spider-man 2!

With gimkits current movement system and its 2d camera its likely not possible right now.

It can be possible, just teleportation to walls at teh click of an on screen button, but the rest like moving cars, bosses, that type of stuff depending on the difficulty may not be possible on the same map due to the amount of memory it would need.


I will do normal difficulty or how bout i only do boss battles an trainning areas

And if they finish a mission they go to another mission

Then use teleportation to a room that will allow them to select which mission.

That is what i am doing

fair enough I like spider man too

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Yes but it would take a long to make see ya at music class

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Welcome to the commuinity @Chris1chomz!

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Hi welcome to the comunity @Chris1chomz

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When dLd comes. (Feb-Mar)

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