Is there a way to make something like this?

I’m trying to make five ladder pieces that you need to collect to make a ladder to escape. Any idea on how to do that?

well make objects that look like ladders, a button so that you can make it dissaper after that and then have it go to a counter that once its a five you can escape

Could you make a guide or at least tell me he settings for the Button and Counter and if I need any wires?

well there may be a guide but im not the coder guy im the prop guy


All settings not specified to be changed here will remain at default. So first of all, you should get 5 buttons, and have all of them transmit on channel “Ladder Piece Collected” when pressed. Then place down a counter. Have it increment when receiving on channel “Ladder Piece Collected” Make said counter have a target value of 5. Then place down 5 wire repeaters, and place them down next to each button. Then wire the following for all 5.

Wire the button to the wire repeater.
When player presses button-----repeat wire pulse.

Then wire the wire repeater to the button.
On Wire Pulse----Deactivate button.

After this, you can place down 5 wooden poles. If you want, these will serve as your ladder pieces. Place down one ladder piece next toe each button, and for each of them, wire the wire repeater to the prop.

On Wire Pulse—Deactivate prop.

Finally, remember that counter from before? I will assume you are using a barrier blocking off the ladder here, and with this assumption, wire the counter to the ladder.
When Counter Reaches Target----Deactivate Barrier.

Ask me if you have any questions.


nice essay @WhoAmI (not in a bad way)

i did that because why not and

my buttons

are gone


i put new buttons and did the same thing

its gone

my new buttons are gone


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Okay, how do I make it to where they need a key to remove the barrier?

first you need a checker, a button and a barrier.

step 1 ⚙

put the settings of the checker to item amount, and the rest are default settings. Now place all of the devices down, and wire them together. wire the button to the checker and it should be like this:

step 2 🤩

wire the checker to the barrier and set it to check passes deactivate barrier.

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Okay so I’m now trying to make a notification when the player collects a piece to say “Piece 1/3 Found.” (Decided to change it to three ladder pieces), but the problem is, if I put the notifications on each ladder piece, they might find piece 3 first instead of piece one. So basically, is there a way to make it to where whatever ladder piece the pick up it will say piece 1/3 - 3/3 in order?

i did that too and

now my map is gone

there was nothing in it but

the file is gone

literally gone

on the slots used thing

it used to be 2/3

now it is 1/3

i didnt delete it

it self destructed

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So I should’t try it?

you should

i think my map just hated me

tutorial is very good

it should work for you

do it

do the tutorial



Where’s the tutorial?


what the guy did

i think


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