Is there a way to make something go on forever?

So I have an animation for a Samurai but it keeps going after it dies is there a way to make something do something forever because with that it’ll deactivate the repeater causing the animation

just make the repeater’s stop strategy when receiving on channel but don’t actually put a channel in it, just enable it as the stop strategy

can you explain I did not understand
what is stop’s strategy


Wait, do you want the Repeater to stop when the sentry dies?
If so, you can make the stop strategy a channel that stops on the “when sentry knocked out, transmit on” channel setting or just wire the sentry to the repeater.

(Sentry) Sentry Knocked Out —> (Repeater) Stop Repeater

lemme try

wait do I wire it?

That wire only depends if you want the repeater to stop when the sentry dies, if not just make the stop strategy when receiving on channel and don’t put a channel in the “stop repeater when receiving on” slot.

Well what’s happening in my game it that there is a current going around and when the sentry tells the repeater to stop the current is at the wire repeaters so the repeater originally was deactivated

Yes, so what’s the problem?

In the title you stated that you want the repeater to go on FOREVER and in the first post you stated that you want the repeater to STOP when the sentry dies.

Also, your post is a bit cut off at the end.

Actually I should have made it more clear I want another repeater to go on forever so when the current reaches the other repeater the other repeater will make it stop
it’s a bit confusing
and I just got kicked out of the game

Can you be more precise?

If you’re talking about a ‘Wire Repeater’ for the first one, you can wire the Wire Repeater to the Repeater.

(Wire Repeater) When the wire repeater receives a pulse… —> (Repeater) Stop Repeater

Also by “current”, do you mean wire pulse?

It still won’t work, due to recursion. It’ll only run 300 times, and then stop.

yes by current I mean wire pulse
there is two repeaters one goes on forever

If its an animation make the last wire repeater trigger the first.

I think I have that

just set the repeater to stop on channel

Huh? wait what? WHAT!

How does that happens, losing TL3?

2 things. Haisai still has TL3 he just doesn’t want the banner next to his pfp. Second thing is breaking the rules. Thats how you lose it.

Oh ok thanks @Magenta_Dragon

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