Is there a way to make someone wear a specific skin in your game?

this was an old help topic from a long time ago and Now I need it

No you can’t, a skin changer device is not yet possible.


hey @Haiasi why are you going off topic? thats not you


He’s responding to something I said in another topic… Don’t mind it

hmm why couldnt he do it there?

Solution. And now we should stop being off-topic.

I did solution @Blizzy

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@Gimkitsuggestor Did you seriously just edit my wiki???

How would that be possible if someone didn’t own a certain skin?

What’s a Regular lounge room like? I’ll never see it because of false-flagging (like in TUG Devices 2.0)…


I mean, a skin changer might give someone Day One skin to wear, but it wouldn’t work if they don’t own that skin.

Look at the TUG devices 2.0, I got flagged for inappropriate for that. Please look at it.

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