Is there a way to make so if your bed gets destroyed you won't respawn? (for a Bedwars game in Gimkit)

If you know a way so if a certain object “(for example) a bed” if it gets destroyed you wont respawn

if there is would it be able to work for four teams.

Create a property called “Bed Active”. When the bed is destroyed, set the property to 0 (default is 1). Create a lifecycle that listens to knockouts and connect it to the checker. Have the checker check is the property value equal to 0. If it is, switch the person to a spectator.

You can set the bed value to 0 when destroyed by hooking a wire between a trigger and the bed. When the bed is destroyed, trigger the trigger. Create a new block for the trigger (When triggered) and add the code to set the Bed Active property to 0 using blocks (In essentials and numbers tab).

I’ll see if these work,

You can also set the property scope to “team” so each team can use the same property, but is different for each team.

Dang, i wish there was just a way to hook up the bed with a team spawner thing
and you could just if bed destroyed deactivate spawner

Idk if there is a property you can make for a bed.

Never mind I figured out how to (im dumb)